Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Jasper

Your child might suddenly fall during play and injure their teeth or
jaws. If you have an emergency pediatric dentist near you, schedule an
emergency appointment.

Common types of pediatric dental emergency

Infected tooth

Pockets of pus around a tooth mean that the tooth has an infected
root. This condition is known as a dental abscess and it can be very
painful. It can happen on a baby tooth as well as a permanent tooth.
Whichever the case, do not ignore it. Speak to an emergency pediatric
dentist near you to get treatment for your child.

Fractured, cracked, broken, or chipped tooth

Children have a variety of play activities. Your child might suffer
an accident during play and end up with a broken, fractured, or chipped
tooth. Do not evaluate the damage at home as you do not know its extent.
If the crack touches the pulp (a central part of the tooth that contains
nerves and blood vessels), it can lead to tooth decay.

Injured jaw

If you suspect that your child’s jaw has been fractured, ask your
child to gently support their head to avoid jaw movements and rush to
your nearest emergency pediatric dentist.

Cut on the lip, tongue, or cheek

The lip, tongue, and cheek are soft areas. They are susceptible to
injury especially when your child bites food or toys. If they cut their
lip, tongue, or cheek, do not wait for it to heal on its own. Your child
will not be able to eat properly. Make an emergency call to your
pediatric dentist.

Emergencies happen anytime at home or school, it is therefore
important to be able to reach an emergency pediatric dentist near you.
We handle all dental emergencies. Call us to learn more.