pediatric dentistry

Gentle Kids Dentist Near Me, Jasper

A child’s first dental appointment is typically very short, brief and informal. It will give the dentist a chance to get to know your little one, establish rapport with them and make sure they are at ease in the office setting. 

The checkup may also be done depending on how comfortable your child is feeling around certain people; it could only last for five minutes or so if that’s what was agreed upon ahead of time by both parties involved! 

During this exam, the teeth would be inspected for signs of gum disease or cavities as well as any bad bites you might have missed yourself while inspecting their mouth when they were sleeping. You’ll need to work together with them during these appointments too- letting go of habits like thumb-sucking can take some adjusting and extra trips back into our clinic until we’re confident about success! We’ll help you out every step along way though – don’t forget that parents always come first here at our office. 

We want everyone who visits us–parents included!–to leave knowing more than when they came through the door about all things related oral health care: diet tips (yes please!) hygiene routines (we love those!), risks such as thumb sucking sleep behavior issues related to tooth decay.

Pediatric Dentistry for Kids – Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a chronic disease but it can be prevented. Our general and preventive pediatric dentistry was designed for prevention of tooth decay! From comprehensive exams, sealants, cleanings and mouthguards to keep teeth safe and strong to fillings or root canals- our treatment is tailored for younger teeth. 

We work with parents and consider you an important part of the child’s smile team if there are any questions about home hygiene or tooth health diet, just ask!