Kids Emergency Dentist

Certain dental difficulties cannot be delayed until business hours, as some of them might be accompanied by intolerable pain and could develop into further issues if unattended. Such occasions are when you require the service of an emergency dentist.

Kids Emergency Dentist in Jasper

Here are a few problems that emergency dentists can help with:

  • Toothache: Excessive tooth pain that needs emergency dental care to reverse the symptoms before the nerve dies.
  • Severe tooth damage: If one of your teeth gets knocked out of its socket or a large piece of it breaks off.
  • Gum or mouth bleeding: If you sustain a blow or bite to your lip that causes bleeding.
  • Abscess or pus drainage: If there is a sudden pus discharge and an observable abscess, indicating gum infection.

Do you fall under any of the above categories or feel there is a chance you could be a dental emergency victim in the future? Knowing a dental office that offers emergency services is a good place to start.

Passionate Dental Wellness is a dental care center in Jasper that offers care for all kinds of dental emergencies. Whether it's a knock, a toothache, or swelling that won't stop, our experienced emergency dentist is always up for the task to address your problem. Call us today to learn more about our services.