Oral Sedation for Kids & Children

Kids can feel afraid when they are facing a dental procedure. Fortunately, oral sedation can help. Oral sedation is a medication given by a dentist to make children calm during dental procedures such as extractions, root canals, and fillings. Oral sedation is a mild sedative that will make children feel very relaxed and a little sleepy. This medication allows children to sleep, but it is possible they will still be awake.

Oral Sedation for Kids & Children in Jasper

Oral sedation is not a painkiller. The dentist will still inject painkiller medication to numb the gums near the procedure area to keep it pain-free. Oral sedation is great for children (and adults) who experience a lot of fear and anxiety at the dentist's office.

Oral sedation comes in liquid or pill form. The medication starts to work in about 20 minutes, so it is normally taken when the child arrives at the dentist's office. Normally, children should not eat or drink after midnight the night before the appointment. The dentist's office will give the parent specific directions.

The dentist will review the child’s medical history and explain to the parent the type of oral sedation the child will receive. The parent will be asked to sign a consent form before any sedation is given.

During the procedure, the child’s vital signs will be monitored closely by the dental staff. Oral sedation medicine may last up to six hours after the treatment. This is why children should not go back to school after the procedure.

It is normal for children to seem incoherent afterward. When the oral medication wears off, children may not remember what happened during the procedure.

If your child needs a dental procedure, please call our office to make an appointment. The dentist can explain what the procedure is and how your child will be sedated. Our office puts a top priority on safety for our little patients. Call today.